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Eisenhower Fellowships provides an opportunity for individuals from a variety of countries and professional fields to exchange ideas and experiences, to build relationships with each other, and to foster mutual understanding. It is this exposure to businesses, governmental organizations, and civil society institutions that allows Fellows to examine, re-energize, or re-focus their personal and professional goals.

From the start, Eisenhower Fellowships has been inspired by the belief that informed individuals are the hope of every nation and by a mandate to share knowledge with others around the globe. Nearly 1700 Fellows from more than 100 countries have participated in Eisenhower Fellowships since its founding 

The Research program that I conducted in 1996 was based on the analysis of various Public-Private-Partnership mix-used developments throughout the USA. It involved visiting major projects in 18 different cities and numerous meetings with the different agents that were active in the process (architects, politicians, developers, etc,) 

Among the chairmen of the organization since its founding in 1953 there should be mentioned Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, George Bush  and Henry Kissinger.





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